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Important 2016 Benchmarking Study Information and Dates!

December 19, 2016
Greetings Tribal Summit Group Members,         
The Tribal Summit Group has again retained Taylor Policy Group (TPG) to conduct another benchmarking study for 2016 to continue providing TSG Members pertinent information for sharing best practices and leveraging our combined strengths. This year's study will incorporate a slightly different approach to improve on last year's successful study.
The 2016 Tribal Summit Group Benchmarking Study questionnaire is nearing completion and will be ready for distribution January 3rd, 2017. This year's survey will feature several different reporting inquiries while retaining the basic categories to provide useful information to survey participants.
One notable difference is identifying stores by type. This should give participants a better idea of how your store compares with other stores of similar size and style.
Cigarettes will have a larger focus on cartons sold but will still include inquiries regarding revenue and taxes collected.
To better understand management of the Tribal sites, a section entitled Policy and Governance has been added. This section will ask for information regarding basic operational policies and how the day to day management of each participating Tribe. Human resource data will still be an integral part of the survey.
This year's schedule will be compressed slightly from last year. The survey will be distributed to the primary voting member representative on January 3, 2017 and participants will be asked to return surveys by the 27th. That's just over 3 weeks to complete the survey. Keeping this timeline will give TPG ample time to analyze and compile the data to provide a study with relevant and helpful information.
As was the case last year, confidentiality is of the utmost importance. TPG will be the only party to have access to the data submitted by each participant. After TPG has analyzed and compiled the data, a report will be distributed only to the Tribes who provided completed surveys. The study will report the data in an aggregate form, keeping participant's individual data confidential.
Best regards,
Bob Iyall
Secretary, Tribal Summit Group
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